• The WAA logo means running gears, is our main idea of development.
  • If a member generated business, when they consign a MBL or MAWB to your company, they are moving your gears, it might eventually lead directly to the movement and development of your profit business.
  • It turn achieve more business and return the same with another member of the network, getting gears always works by moving the core engine of WAA
  • Perfect network is not enough as our slogan and we understand for our network is never enough all codes, rules, requirements and others papers, well always depends of all members in order to be better as global association and become the best network worldwide.
  • With WAA you will feel in a great family of forwarders all are looking for the same, growing and generate shipments.
  • Move your gears now and become our exclusive WAA member in your country, if you already are our partner, you know, now just enjoys.
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