WAA Benefits

Full Service Network

WAA members covers full international logistics services in the area of air, sea, consolidated, RO/RO, Break Bulk, Isotanks, Flexitanks, projects cargo, customs, internal transport, storage, distribution, and others, establishing a comprehensive global network for all services related to International Freight Forwarders

Strict Standards

WAA innovates, develops and improves an internal program of strict standards, which includes sales procedures, operational, financial, marketing and payments with strictly enforced among the members achieving high reliability.

Neutral Arbitration

WAA operates fairly in any disputes or problems of communication between all members, always looking for appropriate solutions.

Global Accounts and Structure Projects

WAA provides centralized support and consistent service to global accounts and large scale projects to increase and maintain constant routes between members, supporting them with the appropriate negotiations with third parties .

Innovation in the sales structure

WAA implements a central database of customers and exclusive global rates among all members allowing us to increase sales and contribute to the success of each company member

Member Profiles

WAA has direct access to the profiles of all members.

News and press

Constantly we send a summary of global industry news, and updating the contact list of members, the availability of them, calendar events and communication between all WAA partners.

An exclusive member per city

WAA only accepts one exclusive partner per city in the world.

Open communication

WAA provides a platform of thought open to all members with new ideas or expose them to exchange with other partners, thus helping to strengthen trade relations, streamline processes and generate more business.

Organization of business meetings

With global conferences and meetings. all members could meet and exchange information, ideas, business, projects, pacts, among many others, being an excellent opportunity to meet personally and face to face.

Use of logo

The members are entitled to use WAA logo in their email signatures, business cards and presentations of their companies, achieving best performance of each company and the significant international support of Worldwide Air&Ocean Alliance.

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