• A comprehensive global network is all your company needs, members of WAA are authorized to handle project cargo around the world they can send chartered vessels, oversized cargo, trailers and cranes, in the freight industry, project cargo is a profitable activity for forwarders as well as required to the best specialists in their use, that you already have with WAA.
  • Whether a break bulk shipment, mafi or RO/RO with WAA you can develop with all members of the network
  • Open Top containers, Flat Racks, Isotanks, Flexitanks management are common and available to members.
  • We always pre-select the best worldwide agents to comply with the requirement to handle project cargo, and when you become an exclusive member in your country, immediately has that benefit.
  • Including project cargos consigned to your company from the other members, being a very attractive new field of development which is an additional advantage of WAA unlike other global networks is that with us your company has everything you need.
  • Enjoy being a cargo agency recognized throughout the world for having a single network that offers the widest range of services, success with WAA is guaranteed and your company will have more business
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