• With coverage in over 340 ports around the world, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, from anywhere in the world to anyplace you can ship FCL and LCL shipments.
  • All incoterm can handle with sea shipments, WAA members are specialist and the best partners in their countries.
  • Also, you can ship own LCL consol, with WAA partners you have guarantee to cover full ocean services.
  • From Rotterdam to Shenzhen, from Singapore to Hamburg, from Dubai to Vancouver all world main ports is at your disposal.
  • You receive the most important news of all global ports about conditions, climates, new shipping lines, new routes, new investments, relevant news, WAA and all members contribute always with keep updated the network.
  • As well, new port concessions, new lines, the best rates and deals between members, as you see all contribute to success of your business.
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