• With coverage in over 420 main airports in the 5 continents worldwide allows you send freight collect to all countries, your company develops according to your needs.
  • Enjoy the access to all airports, to make transfers and transit, to be listed quickly with all origins and destinations, as they belong to WAA your company is part of a multinational team.
    From Frankfurt to Montreal, from Shanghai to Lima from Miami to Madrid all the major airports have at your disposal directly contributing to increasing sales of all members.
  • Quickly quotes are really important, in WAA our rules approves 24 hours as maximum to reply a request between members, so, you can serve your customers better than other agents.
  • From EXW to DDP, all incoterms you can handle with WAA members, no limits, all you can.
  • You receive the most important news of all airports about global conditions, climates, new airlines, new routes, new investments, relevant news, WAA and all members contribute always thus.
  • As well, new airports, new airlines, the best rates and deals between members, as you see all is your company’s benefit and developing new business.
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