WORLDWIDE AIR & OCEAN ALLIANCE (WAA) is an exclusive global network of International Freight Forwarders, which has an innovative approach to form a solid network that provides a single unified force, providing a block as a transnational company, respecting the independent business of each member and achieving with our personalized service in every country in the world that the multinationals have failed to achieve.

This is achieved through a strict selection of independent companies, providing and creating excellent opportunities to develop business with partners and similar agents well established in all countries of the globe, in strict compliance with internal rules of the alliance and overall building international reliability.

WAA launched in 2010 with headquarters in Lima, Peru, is the first Peruvian international network in the area of ??global alliances for cargo agents and having founding members in South America to act as part of the network board.

Also maintains Regional co-coordinators in all continents, America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

We only accepts 1 member per country excepts large markets. It was specifically formed to enable bigger, safer, worldwide network, more business development which was a dream for small & medium forwarders due to fierce competition around the world.

WAA will act anywhere in the world, in 170 countries , 340 ports, 420 airports, 510 cities and much more.

WAA aim is to ensure all members will enjoy the benefit of being able to expand their businesses further into all countries around globe, and same time allows the respective member to be free from worries regarding payments and reliability.

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